Mamoun at DOKU Arts
Mamoun at the DOKU-Arts International Festival for Films on Art – Photograph©Alain Roux

Mamoun has written widely on different aspects of cinema through his reviews, including lead reviews for The Times Higher Education Supplement on David Lean, Alexander Mackendrick, Lindsay Anderson, Billy Wilder, Akira Kurosawa, John Ford, Stanley Kubrick, Steven Spielberg, Fritz Lang and many others.

From Mamoun Hassan’s book on Kurosawa (in preparation):

Encounter with Kurosawa

From the Times Higher Education Supplement:

Lindsay Anderson:  The fechter who fought for life

Alexander Mackendrick: Any fool can see that

David Lean: Blithe cutting spirit

Billy Wilder: Stepping out with Wilder

Gillo Pontecorvo’s The Battle of Algiers: The human face of torture

Akira Kurosawa: One cut that really gets under the skin

John Ford: The son of a bitch who happened to be a genius

Hollywood: Shooting from the hip

Stanley Kubrick: The prints of darkness

Stephen Spielberg: Home is where the art is

Martin Scorsese on American cinema: Goodfella seduced by sin

Fritz Lang: Beauty and the beast

Jean Renoir’s La grande illusion and La règle du jeu: Tableaux glorying in sawn-off corners

Film magazine Enthusiasm: Blunt phoenix pits itself against Hollywood

Lindsay Anderson: The virgin queen and his progeny

Producers: Behind the scenes on screen, who has the vision thing?

Shakespeare and the moving image: Sex, violence and bard language

The Oxford History of World Cinema: Lights, camera, inaction

For the Guardian:

Bill Douglas obituary: His pain was our pain

British film industry: Britain and the lucky strike syndrome

For the Observer Magazine:

Film choice: Seven Samurai

For FINAL CUT – published by the European Film College

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