Mamoun Hamid Hassan

Film Maker

12 December 1937 – 29 July 2022

Mamoun pictured with Peter Suchitzky directing 'The Meeting'
Mamoun pictured with Peter Suschitzky directing ‘The Meeting’

Mamoun Hassan was a Director, Producer, Editor, Writer and Educator who was fundamental in bringing change to British Film from the 1970’s and 1980’s by supporting, enabling and working with filmmakers who went on to become influential international figures in the industry.

This influence was sustained with further generations through teaching across the world in some of the most prestigious institutions.

“Mamoun was head of the film funding for the BFI, BRITISH SCREEN and was responsible for the selection and production of some of the UK’s most outstanding British films……..One of the most respected figures in the British and international film community.”

Sandy Lieberson – Producer and former Head of 20th Century Fox UK

“Mamoun Hassan created, virtually single-handed, the most successful and the most vitally promising movement in British cinema for twenty years.”

Lindsay Anderson – The Sunday Times August 1st 1976

“As a mentor he helped me in countless ways, and he schooled me in profound ways.”

Bill Forsyth – 30th July 2022

 His Movie Masterclasses are still considered by many as the gold standard of film education.

“… it was a lesson for me too!” (on Movie Masterclass on ‘World of Apu’)
Satyajit Ray – January 1990
“You are absolutely unique in being able to relate technical strategies to artistic concept.”
David Robinson – September 2017

He was the visiting lecturer of choice at Film Schools around the world, serving (at different times) as the head of Directing, Producing and Editing at the NFTS, and Dean of Editing at EICTV, Cuba

“You will always be part of the Olympus of the great teachers of the School.”
María Julia Grillo, Academic Coordinator,
International School of Film and TV (EICTV), Cuba

Mamoun remained a constant creative after a career of well over fifty years and was still working on new projects right up until his death.

Sherief Hassan, Mamoun’s son and collaborator in education for 16 years will be maintaining and communicating Mamoun’s work, ideals and methods through Movie Masterclass.

A complete Biography/memoir was in preparation prior to Mamoun’s death and we intend to find a publishing solution to share his extraordinary life and work.