Mamoun Hassan’s film credits.


2019 Araña/Spider (Chile)

Creative Consultant
Directed by Andre Wood. In Spanish with subtitles. It was screened in the Contemporary World Cinema section at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival. It was selected as the Chilean entry for the Best International Feature Film at the 92nd Academy Awards, but it was not nominated.

2008 La Buena Vida/The Good Life (Chile)

Screenplay  (From an original idea by Rodrigo Besaez)
Directed and co-written by Andres Wood. In Spanish with subtitles. A bleak, prescient contemporary portrait of Chilean society in economic crisis: an ensemble of characters endure social deprivation, job insecurity, unemployment and relationship breakdown with an indefinable sense of hope for the future.  Winner of the Goya Award for Best Latin American Film 2009 and 6 other Awards. See Awards for La Buena Vida on International Movie Database.

2004 Machuca (Chile)

Co-Writer and Co-Producer
Directed and co-written by Andres Wood. In Spanish with subtitles. Set in Santiago, Chile in 1973 and based on Andrés Wood’s own childhood. Directors Fortnight, Cannes, Goya nomine and winner of 10 international Awards including the Political Film Society of the USA’s award for Democracy, 2006. See Awards for Machuca on International Movie Database.

‘…both sweet and stringent, attuned to the wonders of childhood as well as its cruelty and terror.’ New York Times

‘You don’t have to know Chile’s bloody history to be moved by the poignant new film Machuca, the first movie made by a Chilean about the country’s 1973 military coup.’ New York Post

See 19 critical reviews of Machuca at

1985 No Surrender (UK)

Directed by Peter K. Smith and written by Alan Bleasdale. Evening Standard British film Award winner for 1987. (See Awards for No Surrender on International Movie Database)

1972 Here Are Ladies (UK)

Docudrama with Siobhan McKenna directed by John Quested invited to the Venice International Film Festival (1972).

1964 The Meeting (UK)

Mamoun and John Stokes
Mamoun and John Stokes

Director, producer and writer
This 10-minute short was an Oberhausen Film Festival Prize Winner. Starred Cleo Boman and John Stokes. Photographed by Peter Suschitzky and edited by Dave King. British Cinema Release and BBC TV. Distributed by United Artists in Europe.

 ‘…one of the most beautiful films of the festival… Mamoun Hassan has succeeded in creating a world in which feelings of solitude, sadness, but also of joy and love, become palpable. These grey, sad, tragic settings and these lost characters have been filmed by Hassan with astonishing control and sensibility’. Bernard Cohn, Positif nr70


1988 – 1990 Movie Masterclass (Channel 4)

Mamoun Hassan devised this programme for Channel 4 Arts which has been widely credited for transforming television treatment and appreciation of Cinema.

‘a revolutionary concept.’  David Robinson The Times

‘MOVIE MASTERCLASS marks a real advance in television discussion of cinema.’  New Statesman and Society

‘It is exactly this sort of careful, caring programme which takes sides, and ideas, and art, and society, and most of all perhaps television, seriously that makes our broadcast system the envy of others.’  Film Director Gavin Millar in The Listener

See further press reviews of the Movie Masterclass series on Channel Four.

1967 Living on the Box (BBC TV)

Director and co-adapter
A 40 minute adaptation of a short story by Penelope Gilliat. With Frances Cuka and Richard Wordsworth.

‘Evidence that in the age of the ratings the tryranny of the big drum is not quite complete, that someone, somewhere is still fighting a rearguard action in the defence of art..articulate and penetrating.’ The Sunday Times:

 ‘I very much liked its odd, laconic style’. The Sunday Telegraph


1976 Some of the Palestinians

Director and Editor
A 55 minute Documentary about Palestinian Refugees in the Camps in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and the West Bank, for UNRWA. Invited to The London Film Festival and The Teheran Festival (1977).

1967 In Search of Opportunity

A 30 minute 35 mm colour documentary for The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme. Photographed by Chris Menges.

1968 Beyond the Tropopause

A 30 minute corporate documentary on Plessey Aerosystems. Photographed by Chris Menges.

1968 Millay at Steepletop

Documentary of Edna St Vincent Millay written, directed and photographed by Kevin Brownlow (Oscar Winner in 2012).

1969 Wild and Free Twice Daily

Documentary of a travelling circus, the first film to be directed by cinematographer Chris Menges.

1967 The Pre-Raphaelite Revolt

Documentary written and directed by art critic and writer David Thompson. For the Arts Council of Great Britain.

1966 Turner

Documentary written and directed by David Thompson for the Arts Council of Great Britain.

1962 Nine, Dalmuir West

Associate Cinematographer
Documentary short directed photographed and edited by Kevin Brownlow.


2006 Bill Douglas: Intent on Getting the Image

Mamoun appeared in this documentary which explores Bill Douglas’s struggle from childhood poverty to acclaimed director. Written and directed by Andy Kimpton-Nye.

1988 Movie Masterclass (Channel 4)

Mamoun led the Masterclass on Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai.

 ‘Mamoun Hassan does a mean close reading of SEVEN SAMURAI.’ The Independent


As a public sector employee Mamoun refused executive producer credits to a number of significant British films including:

Bill Douglas’s Childhood Trilogy
Kevin Brownlow and Andrew Mollo’s Winstanley
Peter Smith’s A Private Enterprise

They were all made under his aegis as the Head of British Film Institute’s Production Board 1971 – 1974 . Ref: Penelope Houston Sight and Sound Spring 1979