2008   La Buena Vida
Directed by Andres Wood
Contemporary Chile. Santiago dreaming. Everyone wants something.
Winner of the Goya Award for best Ibero-American film

Machuca   2004
Chilean feature directed by Andres Wood
The last days of the Allende Government and the arrival of Pinochet, as seen through the eyes of a boy from a dysfunctional middle-class family and his school-friend from the slums
One of the most successful films in the history of Chilean cinema

Participated in the Directors’ Fortnight, Cannes; invited to numerous film festivals; multiple award winner.
Distributed world wide. Included in Spanish language syllabuses in Chile, Spain and the UK
The ‘Machuca Law’ – to ensure education for all Chilean children, including the poor – is before parliament in Chile

1969   About Rose
Feature for Stanley Donen Enterprises, adapted from the novel Apollo’s Summer Look by Kathleen Conlon

1967   Living on the Box  

1965   The Meeting